Our Transaction Efficiency and Accuracy Monitor (TEAM) offers analysis of best execution and off market trades.

TEAM allows users to compare trades across brokers and venues to assess which deliver best execution. To do so, it employs sophisticated quantitative techniques that are unlike anything else on the market.

Advanced Approach

With machine learning algorithms at its core, TEAM creates a probability distribution for the mid-price of any asset at any time in the past. The tool then compares the client’s executed trades to this distribution, permitting the user to measure the performance of their broker against the market – even for relatively illiquid assets. Despite the sophistication of this analysis, TEAM’s clear interface ensures that understanding the results is simple and efficient.

Buy-side and Sell-side

TEAM has benefits for both the buy-side and sell-side. While buy-side users may use the tool to assess the performance of their brokers, so too can users on the sell-side compare themselves against their peers. The tool is flexible, scalable and brings value to all firms throughout the market.