Market Abuse

We have developed a system to identify, investigate and report on market abuse activity.

This product is called the Market Abuse Surveillance Tool (MAST) and it has been used to identify hundreds of cases of market abuse and insider dealing. MAST clients include financial institutions and financial markets regulators.

Proven Resource

MAST is a proven resource; it has been used to analyse trading data relating to over 1.5 billion transactions generated across five million trading accounts.

MAST can process global enterprise levels of data accurately and efficiently and can assist customers to meet their regulatory and supervisory requirements and obligations (for example ESMA/2012/122 – Guideline 6).

MAST identifies market abuse using trader metrics which highlight and investigate trader outperformance (where, for example a trader demonstrates an ability to capture multiple market shocks or a propensity to avoid losses or capture outsized profits using small amounts of risk).


MAST is capable of ingesting a variety of trade reports ranging from daily aggregated trade data to fill-by-fill intra-day reports. MAST is capable of identifying suspicious transactions even when offsetting non-reported legs are not included in the data analysed.