Our Rogue Trader Metrics System (RTMS) enables our clients to identify, investigate and report unauthorised trading activity.

RTMS employs a series of behavioural metrics to identify traders who are obscuring risk or P&L, as well as those who are otherwise engaging in unauthorised trading activity. Given the scale of losses that rogue traders can occur, RTMS has the potential to save clients extraordinary sums.

Confidence Level

RTMS indicates potential incidences of unauthorised trading through a red flag system. In each instance where it flags suspected unauthorised trading, it asserts a level of confidence derived from a proprietary scoring method. This methodology not only serves to reduce false positives, but also allows clients to clearly prioritise threats for further investigation.

Case Management

RTMS includes an integrated and fully featured case management system. It permits the user to easily investigate potential breaches, document follow up actions and generate audit reports.