In our Profiling tool, we employ our proprietary metrics and analytic techniques to build a quantitative assessment of trader performance.

Feedback Based Performance Improvement

Trading is a skill-based activity acquired through thousands of hours of purposeful practice. However, practice without feedback results in only incremental improvement. In providing a comprehensive assessment of a trader’s performance, our Profiling tool provides a clear means of developing and improving each trader’s profitability. Its insights provide far more value than simple measurements of a trader’s P&L.

Metrics based approach

The Profiling tool employs a series of behavioural metrics whose outputs provide a detailed assessment of a trader’s overall approach, performance and trading style. They allow the client to identify a trader’s strengths and weaknesses, including any limiting behaviours. The tool also models likely performance outcomes if the trader were to change their current approach and trading style.

The tool reduces these outputs into per trader Performance Analysis presentations. They provide the analysis and detail necessary for supervisors and desk heads to develop and understand their traders and to optimise their performance.

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