Trader & PM Profiling

Our metrics and analytical processes can be applied to trader data allowing clients to perform a quantitative assessment of trader performance.

Performance Evaluation

The Trader Profiling product allows clients to evaluate individual trader performance, identify trader strengths and weaknesses and conduct a meaningful and data supported comparison between a trader and his or her peer group.

Feedback based performance improvement

Trading is a skill-based activity acquired through thousands of hours of purposeful practice. However, practice without feedback tends towards a closed system resulting in only incremental improvement and an over reliance on P&L as a performance metric.

Metrics based approach

The trader profiling product uses captured trading data to perform a comprehensive analysis and quantitative assessment of a trader using unique metrics.

The outputs from this process provide a detailed assessment of a trader’s overall approach, performance and trading style, identify and demonstrate any observed limiting behaviours and model likely performance outcomes that should result if the trader were to adjust or modify their current approach and trading style.

These outputs are reduced into (per trader) Performance Analysis presentations that provide the analysis and detail necessary for supervisors and desk heads to develop and understand their traders and to optimise performance.

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